HART has been dreaming since 1990 ... inventing ... to create the perfect rod, the most lethal bait. The illusion, nonconformity and the work of the best professionals have achieved that this dream has come true.

The HART Team, born from a group of fishermen who started to dream of creating their own baits, who wouldn´t settle for something that already existed, but decided to put every effort to create themselves what they imagined. That innovative spirit, that “defiance” stands behind every new development.

Currently, HART counts on an international team of professionals who are seeking, inventing and designing products they themselves would like to fish with as fishermen. A close network of collaboration between real “fishing addicts”, which is the soul of the brand and allows HART to continue innovating and developing the best fishing equipment. HART means passion, it means to put heart into every project. It is a way of understanding life and fishing ... So, all team members share the same feeling: PRIDE. The pride of being part of HART.