Once again, we're endeavouring to stay right ahead of the latest fishing trends. Aiming to meet the needs of professional anglers, we've created an innovative line in jigs, based on the knowledge and experience of our Pro Staff.

Coming in 4 different colours, the Absolut Tungsten is noted for having a finer hook than normal, which stops the fish from getting away without the need for strong hook holds. It has a smaller head than most jigs, thanks to its high quality tungsten composition. This allows it to quickly drop to the bottom and to produce a magnetic sound when it hits the rocks, that is only achieved with jigs made of this material. Its ultra fine, elastic skirts are threaded to the body, so that there's no risk of losing them in successive bites. They feature an anti-algae system to avoid seaweed and snags, yet without being too dense in order to permit fine fishing with lighter than normal jigs.

In short, a "first class" jig designed for experienced anglers, with unmatched colours and high quality components.

As you can see in the photos showing the Absolut Tungsten prototype being tested, our boys saw how the tungsten made a real difference.