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BONY // 18g- 60mm /  28g- 70mm / 40g- 80mm / 60g- 85mm //

This small lure, with a revolutionary swimming action, has been designed by the HART development team for fishing sea bass and other predators, for spinning and for jig casting. Its construction permits extraordinary casting, making it an essential item in your fishing tackle box. Rigged with an ASARI triple saltwater hook.

U-SPIN // 25g- 50mm //

A small tear-shaped asymmetrical jig, rigged with a reinforced triple at the rear. Its short length and high density makes it perfect for casting and drop shot. Mackerel, bass and small tuna will be unable to resist its “fatal attraction”...

MR. KOLO // 42g- 95mm / 56g- 105mm //

A magnificent jig-cast with attractive markings and perfect balance. Weighted body injected in resin, making it extraordinarily tough and long-lasting. This extremely fast sinking lure is perfect for casting and for light jigging. Rigged with Asari Hooks 4X.

DELTA FORCE // 52g-130mm / 120g-165mm //

This innovative jig with an asymmetrical, spear-shaped body offers two new features which are basic for fishing: Its weight distribution, with 70% of its weight in the tail, giving it an arrow effect and allowing it to achieve amazing casting distances. Its asymmetrical body produces a vibratory effect underwater, which drives predators crazy. Thanks to these new characteristics, this artificial bait easily tempts fish when it is sinking, as it rotates around its own axis with a sharp zigzag movement, and also during line retrieval, in a series of jerks. This is a multipurpose jig, which can be used for spin casting and light jigging. The Delta Force works equally well with short, fast movements and long, slower ones… truly lethal

GLAZE // 40g- 80mm / 60g- 90mm / 80g- 100mm //  

GLAZE´s body and balance has been designed for longer Jig-Casting and Big Casting Game. Its reflective laser sheet is the ultimate attraction for various predators. BIG 3-D realistic laser eyes to attract predators. The best jig, not only for surf, but also off-shore fishing sea-bass, tuna, etc. Saltwater Extra Strong (2X) hook. Round stainless steel inner wire. Thick coating to prevent painting coming off.