This video shows Jose Pablo Trenado, a member of the HART Pro Staff, with his light jigging equipment and the effective 18 gram Bony Jig, working between boats close to port. These areas are always full of small and medium size fish, as they offer shelter and protection from large predators. The technique is simple, once you know how to do it and this video will really help to explain this to you.

Jose Pablo performs a ripping technique in medium water, starting the action with strong jerks to trigger bites by any hesitant fish and trying to make rapid movements so as to keep the attention of small predators. His hardware comprises a Boushido 7.3M with an Absolut S4 2500 reel loaded with Asari 0.12 braid.

This lightweight equipment allows him to enjoy fishing for all sizes of fish yet without losing control should a bigger fish get hold of his jig.

Enjoy the video!